One Week On!

Hey everyone,

So it’s been just under a week since the launch of and WOW you guys have gone crazy for the filth I’ve been dishing out!!! I’m so glad you are enjoying everything I’ve been shooting with all my kinky porn & non porno friends.

The very sexy Tiffany Naylor

I’ve been working hard this week to book in loads more shoots for updates with brand new up and coming talent… so it won’t be the same old people over and over again, you’ll be glad to know! Although they are pretty HOT! I’ve got a couple of new girls that haven’t shot much porn before. They are ripe for the picking and I plan on seriously enjoying that FRESH MEAT hee hee….One scene I did with HOT teen looking new girl Tiffany Naylor, I cannot wait to go up! We played naughty school girls, smoking and bunking off lessons, fucking and sucking each other! Don’t miss that scene which will be uploaded soon :-)

I shot some pee scenes about a year ago which are now on the site, but I’ve had so many requests for more, your wish is my command ;-) I’ll be spending next week filming some solo pissing, webcamming and dildoing for your pleasure! I have a massive to do list with all sorts of fetish and dirty fuck scenes to be ticked off… I’m so excited to get my hands on some more talent!!

So last weekend I headed to the Royal Windsor Polo with my good friend and fellow porno slut Lara Latex. We dressed up in our smart (non slutty) day dresses and decided to go and mix with the toffs for the afternoon. I’ve uploaded a video diary from the afternoon. Us running around on the pitch and spotting the QUEEN and Prince Phillip…just another day out for us :-0

before the fun began

I hope you guys have been catching a sneaky peak of me on EliteTV… I’ve been with Elite for just over 5 months now and have decided that it’s going to be an ongoing thing for the time being. So if you fancy having a perv or just a chat and watching me shake my moneymaker at the same time, switch over to the 900 channels. I’m currently on twice weekly. If you fancy something a bit more intimate and/or naughty, you can catch me on my adultwork profile normally 4 times a week

Catch you next week peeps,  xx Paige xx

Welcome to my little world of filth

Hey everyone,

Welcome to my little world of filth, my hub…!!! Since starting in the biz back in Oct 2010, work has been great, fantastic even. I had never expected things to go so well and I couldn’t be any more grateful. My point being, is that I had never planned on doing my own site, never thinking that it would go well enough for me to think, right let’s do this!

Paige Turnah with her UKAP porn award

Before the launch, was just a modelling site and that was how I had planned on keeping it. Then I realised, having my own site, it’s something I can make completely my own. A personal bit of me, to you, my fans! I want to make this site really interactive and interesting as well as being horny as fuck.. I do porn, I fuck and I also have a personality, I’m a REAL person and with my site, that’s what you’ll see and be a part of.

SO since one day back in February 2012, I literally just decided, right I’m going to do it! So the past 4months I’ve been shooting and shagging like a mad woman!! Getting enough content together to start this site that I must admit I really am so proud of!! I have everything on here, from; straight fucking, strapon, lesbians, FF nylons (my favourite), fetish, domination, IR, masturbation, me out and about up to no good!!! LOADS!!!!

me and the girls

This is your site guys & girls and I want as much feedback on what you’d like to see me getting up to, what you think of the site, your favourite scenes etc.

I really do hope you love my site as much, if not more than I do!! I wish you hours of ‘tissue fun’ ;-)

Happy wanking…

Paige xXx