On The Mend!

Hey everyone,

Well haven’t I been a busy girl?!?!?! Yesterday I was up for 24 hours, working 22 of them!! Tired is not even the word, but I choose to work as crazy as I do so I cannot really complain… This probably goes towards me making myself ill, over tired, over worked and living on junk food, hence the tonsillitis. Anyway, I’m much better now, the antibiotics kicked in and I was back to work within 2 days.

So I started off with a HOT threesome with newbies Jasmine Jae and Ryan Ryder. This was Ryan’s first porn shoot and bless him, he did so well! He called me later that day to thank me for taking his virginity LOL! The scene will be on my site within the next few weeks, so watch out for the massive cum shot that Jasmine got in her eye!! hahahaha ;-)

The next day Leah Lixx popped over to do a shoot with me… she’s a little pocket rocket, full of energy and no more that 5ft 2 inches tall. Surpisingly she called me a few days before to tell me that she’s actually quite submissive! So of course I took full advantage of this and fucked her hard whilst she was tied up and stuffed her mouth with my used panties!

I’ve been on EliteTV LOADS in the past couple of weeks, having fun and banter with the GORGEOUS glamour girls and American Pornstars that the Bosses at Elite are kind eough to encourage me to play with ;-P Myself and Claire Richards, decided to piss about before our shifts started and hold eachothers pussies as a sign of close friendship… the repsonse from Twitter was not surpising… FANTASTIC! I always manage to get these girls misbehaving YEAH!!!

Elite Bosses also let me loose on American Pornstar Alexis Ford, my first piece of american pussy (on film ;-P) it will be posted on my site as soon as they have finished doing all the boring bits; editing etc.

I also got the chance to shoot again for my FAVOURITE company, Brazzers! KiazanXXX produced the movie, where a chemical was released into the AC in my ‘office’ and turned me into a sex MAD cock muncher… needless to say DannyD got it after I literally chased him around the office desk to fuck him over and over again!! This pic of myself and Danny having a cheeky fag before work. Me in my bright jacket to cover up that I’m not wearing anything underneath :-D Just to clear this up- I’m a social smoker and if the talent I’m with on the day is a smoker I join. It makes it nicer when I’ve got his tongue down my throat!

Shot again this week with Kiazan but for Television X in Sherlock Bones! I cannot wait to see it come out…yippee!!

I’m off to enjoy the sun peeps MWAH XXXX

A trip to Scotland ended with Tonsillitis!

Hey everyone,I hope your enjoying all the current updates? As you can see I’ve been up to no good as usual!!I been working so hard the past couple of weeks, I decided to head up to Scotland and catch up with some old friends, who got married last year. I haven’t seen them since their wedding back in September, so it was nice to have a good catch up. Also I know whenever I go up there, it’s going to be a full on weekend of drinking, eating and watching the 900 channels, checking out the girls lol…

paige turnah in scotland

Scotland, being Scotland.. it was shitty weather the whole weekend, luckily my friends are used to Edinburgh weather and it didn’t affect any of their plans. Obviously, girls being girls, we love SHOPPING!!! I don’t know how I didn’t go over my baggage allowance coming back home, I bought so much!

We headed to a pub with the Mad Hatter theme, and had cocktails or pot tails in tea pots! They were so cool!¬†We ended up spending saturday night on George St at the Dome and some other club drinking jam donut shots….mmmm! THE BEST SHOT EVER!!! I basically spent the wole weekend eating scones, bakery goods and drinking! With champagne for breakfast and lunch 3 days on the trot ahhhhhhhh! I don’t know how I managed it?!?!

tea and scone with paige turnah

So back home and Monday morning I was up bright and early, ready to shoot for Joybear, their new film: 15 shades of Blue. I played the role of a dominant sex obsessed library worker who fucked my co-worker (Peter Oh’Toole) for the afternoon as I shut up shop early! Naughty me LOL.

paige turnah as a sex crazed librarian

It was a great shoot, we were sweating all over the place and Pete, as usual, made me squirt everywhere! But I came home and started to feel a bit shite….. Turns out I have bloody Tonsillitis and fever :-( I’m on antibiotics and have been stuck in bed for the second day in a row now :-((( Worse bit is, I’ve had to cancel my 4 days of shooting for Gazzman (Harmony) up in Inverness as I feel so ill :-( Plenty of fluids and bed for me!I’m off for some sleep

xx Paige xx