Birthdays, Shopping and FILTH!

Hey everyone,

I’m reading through my last blog trying to work out what I have and haven’t posted…

Firstly I have a FAKE Twitter account @paigeturnah IS NOT my twitter account. There is a link on my connect page that will take you straight through to my profile. Let’s stop the fakes!!

Since shooting all my solo and girl/girl content for the site in my last blog, I have got myself a new video guy. The guy before him couldn’t juggle his day job and filming me (his loss) so now I have top Harmony/Television X videographer! You will definitely be seeing a difference in my content, better lighting, sound etc. It’s all a working progress and not bad considering te site has only been live 2months. So I very happy that that is all sorted :-)

I’ve been shooting some really hot boy/girl full on filthy fuck scenes…will domination, candle wax and BIG COCKS!! I have a new rubber nurse outfit that I cannot wait to shoot in (it’s tight) hee hee!! I have been using ‘normal’ guys, not just 8inch cocks with 6packs as I want to keep it real every now and again for you guys…

The gym is going well, I have managed to go 4 times this week as well as fit in work and a social life so I’m happy all round. Not planning on loosing tones of weight, before you start to panic! I just want to feel better in myself and take care of my body as it has taken care of me for the past 2years!

Aswell as shooting for the site, I have been taking more shifts at Elite now known as Studio66. Really enjoying being there and being part of the Studio family. Even having a go at being behind the camera for a change! Getting these naughty girls to take a leaf out of my book and misbehave more on LIVE TV!! I definitely see Studio 66 as a long term thing so carry on enjoying boys :-)

Aswell as shooting for the site, I have been taking more shifts at Elite now known as Studio66. Really enjoying being there and being part of the Studio family. Even having a go at being behind the camera for a change! Getting these naughty girls to take a leaf out of my book and misbehave more on LIVE TV!! I definitely see Studio 66 as a long term thing so carry on enjoying boys :-)

The calender is coming along nicely, I am half way through now. Taking photos from different shoots I have had with different photographers so you get a collection of great images with all sorts of feel to them. Hoping to shoot some of the calender in Portugal when I go over next month. I’ve been asked to shoot for Viv Thomas again, for his new movie ‘She 2′. Which means I get my hands on Lexi Lowe again ;-) woohoo!!

I had a fabulous time last week helping my Mum (Strapon Jane) celebrate her birthday. I took her up to London for a spot of lunch at Harvey Nics then a make over at MAC in Selfridges, where I found they had a poster with my name on it…I couldn’t help but put my stamp on it LOL… We spent another evening in London going to Leicester Sq to watch STOMP. If you haven’t seen it, it comes well recommended by us. Amazing show!

Just woken up after shooting for Playboy today with Mai Bailey (gorgeous hardcore slut!) I finished working at Studio 66 at 5am and headed over to the studios we were shooting at today. Getting there at 6am I had my duvet out, fluffy socks and eye mask and crashed out in my car until my call time…oh the GLAMOUR of being a PORNSTAR haha! We finished at 3pm (hanging out of my arse!) I literally jumped into my bed when I got home and slept until now. So I’m off to watching Big Brother with a bar of chocolate and in my pj’s!

Night all xxx

More Shooting.

Hey everyone,

I’ve been a busy little bee. I was going to say lately, but it seems to be all the time! I had a last minute shoot for Harmony with an old friend of mine, Rebecca More (I did my first porno with Beccs back in Oct 2010, for Harmony! Lipstick Libido) and we had a good old natter, catching up on all the gossip. Who we’ve been shagging lately, who are the hottest guys/girls in the industry right now, OH and abusing the make-up artist on set LOL.

We were trying to get Helen (make-up artist) to feel Jay Snakes (stud) cock whilst she was ajusting his outfit, hahahahaha it was too funny, she started blushing which made us do it to her EVEN more! Myself and Rebecca were given these gorgeous TIGHT rubber outfits, matching in pink and green. The skirts were great…backless!!! My big juicy butt had to sqeeze into the fucker!

So we got to share big dick Jay Snake for the WHOLE day. Beccs got DP’d I had her fingers in me with his tongue in my arse…pretty standard 3sum stuff ;-) The best bit was when Beccs was holding the electric wand to Jay’s cock whilst I was sucking him off…so kinky, I loved it. I have no idea what the movie will be called but as soon as it’s out I’ll be tweeting about it. Harmony films normally take around 3to 4 months after editing. Speaking of Harmony films, Den of Depravity is now on preview on (the scene where I get spitroasted by Marc Rose & Ian Tate). Let me know what you guys think?

I’ve been shooting my own filthy fuck content for all you guys too…I haven’t forgotten you ;-) This week I shot with the amazingly talented Mark Page who shot the photo of me in the mirror (one of the photos I’m considering for my calender). We did 4 HOT solo scenes, wanking to myself in the mirror, he even gagged me and covered my eyes whilst I was tied up, wanking hee hee and I’ll leave the rest as a naughty little surprise when they go up on the site :-D

I also had Alyssa Divine over mine for some serious LESBIAN goings on!¬†Myself playing the dominant cunt of a boss who ended up abusing my work rights and fucking her to within an inch of her life. What a lovely girl! Honestly one of the nicest girls I have worked with in this business that is full of unreliables, bullshitters, bitches etc…she really will do well and she gets my approval 100%.

For all my die hard fans and generous guys that treat me all the time I have come up with professional autographs. With the choice of 8 different pics (soon to be more once I have shot the calender) that I am sending out. I’m so happy they came out really well! I will be sorting competitions etc on my first newsletter that will include autographs, skype shows etc. So watch out for that and join my newsletter if you haven’t already!

Right I’m off to the gym to check out all the muscle marys hee hee ;-)

Mwah xx


Hey everyone,

I cannot believe how quickly the weeks are passing… How time flies?! So this week has been alot less crazy than the last. I think I may have gone a bit OTT with shooting and workig on EliteTV then shooting straight after. So I’ve been spending some time with my favourite followers on webcam this week and had a filthy time catching up with you boys.

I’ve also been working hard on EliteTV slowly milking my way through the nation LOL As you can see all this horny talk has worn us girlies out…hence crashing on the sofa at Elite studios after spending most of the evening filthy with eachother. Trying to feel eachother up on TV without getting told off HEE HEE ;-)

I randomly came across this pic of me in the red dress, which has been taken from the new movie I’ve done for Harmony called den of dapravity.. I’m not sure when it’s out, but keep an eye out for it… It really is such a filthy scene and one of those rare boy/boy/girl scenes of mine (my favourite kind of scene).

So I have been quite down this week feeling sorry for myself for absolutely no reason! But I can always rely on my amazing fans to cheers me up. You guys have totally spolit me with new shoes, a beautiful new dress, perfume, fishnet body stocking… and I still have another pair of shoes, phonecover and more dresses trying up! I <3 you guys SOOOOOOOO much! Also found an AMAZING woman that personalises all star converse trainers! What do you think??? I’m going to do a shoot with them so you can see them in all their glory :-D

I decided to perk myself up, both mood and body with a new membership to a bodybuilding gym! I’m only signing up for 6months just to see how it goes. Fingers crossed I’ll get addicted and have some sexy build guys to help me train ;-)

I have quite a few more shifts on EliteTV this month so keep an eye out for me on there. Also I shooting some fucked up filth with KINKYDIRTYBITCH at the end of the month, including FISTING, PISSING & FOODFIGHTS all exciting stuff to be uploaded in the next few weeks YAY!

Hope your all enjoying the nice weather-finally!

MWAH xxx