Euro cock in Budapest!

Hey everyone,

I’m currently sitting on an old (noisy) sofabed in my rented apartment in Budapest. It’s been a great week of taking lots of cock, but right now, I am so ready to go home!! I have this afternoon, shopping with Lara Latex, the allday tomorrow until my flight in the evening. There has to be nothing worse than finishing up and just sitting around waiting…ERGH! Especially when I’m feeling so homesick :-(  The apartment is pretty basic (See: SHIT!) as you’ll see from the vid blog… who said porn was glamourous ay?! As for this sofa bed, it really should have been thrown out years ago. At home awaits my big kingsize mattress mmmmmmmm!

So this week I have been shooting with Euro dick. Shooting for Reality Kings, a couple of private sites and this really cool idea that 21st Sextury came up with…the site is called It’s interactive, so throughout the movie you can decide what you want to happen and what different fucked up shit you want to see me do! Although the idea is great, I don’t know about you guys, but when I wanna have a cheeky fiddle, I just want to get online and watch some seriously hard fucking. I don’t want to have to think about anything or make any real decision???!! I guess we will find out how it goes, but take a look anyway and see what you think. I played the naughty English teacher, glasses, pencil skirt, the whole lot!

Would you like to stay behind for detention?

Relaxing in the studio.

Looking good and feeling fucking horny!

Shooting for Reality Kings is always a blast and they always make a big thing of my butt! So yesterday they had me crawling around on the floor and shaking my ‘money maker’. I was absolutely shagged after that scene (in every sense of the word). Then I had a second shoot that day for It’s not too ‘porny’ more about just real fucking. I’d met up with a porn stud who has been in the business for years and we decide to ‘catch up’ over coffee then back to his for a shag hee hee!

They just love working with my ass... wouldn't you?!

The Stud!

Beginning of the week I shot for DDF in a naughty bondage shoot. I played a builder (with a builders bum!) I hit my hand with a hammer (silly builder) and had to call the doctor. I was quite enjoying myself, which is annoying when I have to act like I’m hating every minute lol!

How about a little help around the house?

Now THAT'S a builders bum!

So back home tomorrow and shooting my 2nd ANAL scene for Brazzers with Dirty Dog aka Ian Tate woohoo!!! Also next week, more content shoots with hot girls, Yuffie Yulan and Lucy Divine. Lots to look forward to! Oh and I’m going to see Nick Minaj in concert next month YAYAYAYAYAY!

Anyway, I’m off to take a walk around Budapest and spend all my hard earned cash!


Poolside fun with the girls!

Hey Everyone,

So it’s been a mad few weeks, which is basically no different to any other week! My life just seems to be one big load of madness, which is good. I’m grateful to be busy. It’s just I keep giving myself more to do! The calender is coming along nicely and I’m hoping for that to be ready by the end of October, very latest beginning of November.  I just got back from Portugal last night after shooting for Viv Thomas. He was kind enough to shoot a couple of photo sets for me whilst I was there so you’ll see some of his beautiful work in my calender :-)

Looking forward to my calender? I know I am!

Blonde or Brunette? We're both a lot of fun...

I was there shooting girl/girl lesbian ONLY scenes with Lexi Lowe, Samantha Bentley and a FUCKING HOT Hungarian girl with the most amazing natural boobs I have seen on a girl with a slim body like hers! For some stupid unknown reason, I have no pictures of her?!?! Anyhow I enjoyed (very much) playing with her in 30C heat on a picnic setting ;-P

Take a big bite out of this peach.

So my scene with Lexi allowed me to take her ANAL VIRGINITY!!!! I got to push a big butt plug with a tail on the end, into her tight little hole…watching her squirm was too much fun hee hee! Here are a collection of photos from the trip, including sunbathig whilst watching the girls do a scene (vid blog to match).

On a more serious not, there have been some STI infection scares going around the industry, reaching the US and Europe (well actually starting in Europe we think). I mentioning this because it’s a serious issue that performers are faced with all the time and I kow alot of fans are aware of it. So this syphilis case has been talked about by everyone and yet not all ‘stars’ are going to there local clinic to have their jab. It’s a shot of penicillin, one jab in each butt cheek and it clears anything you have or may have. Now whether you have it or not, I’m not going to wait around for 3months to see if I get a positive for syphilis come up on my test results. So I did the right thing and got jabbed anyway, just incase. Which is what I believe everyone should be doing to stop spreading…..Rant over and pic of my jabbed butt :-)

Ouch! But worth it...

Drinks with the girls were well overdue last weekend as I haven’t seen my girls all together for a least 6months!!! Starting off in my friends bedroom with bottles of Rose, Champagne etc just like the good old days. Things start to get a bit more relaxed and before you know it, their faces are being spread all over my Twitter/Instagram hahahaha! I even got one of the girls to get her butt out for me on twitter to compare huge arses (bless her), I could have some competition there :-S

Try us both out!

After any drunken night out I always spend the next day firstly, still drunk and secondly spring cleaning. Clearing out all my old shite. This morning it was shoes and boy do I have alot…

Can a girl ever have too many shoes? Maybe...

So I’m off to get all my nails chopped off and try the shorter look to see if I like it. Then it’s getting prepped and packed ready for a weeks long shag fest in BUDAPEST!!! It’s been a year since I was there and looking forward to getting some Euro COCK!!! woohoo :-)

Off we go...

Mwah xxx