Work Hard, Party Harder!

Hey everyone,

Well to say I have been letting my hair down a bit this week is a total understatement!!! But I’ll start from the beginning…

Firstly I had a wicked shoot with Mr John Tisbury and Miss Tallulah Tease, who I have both worked with before but never together. So I was shooting for my website and thought medical was definitely that why to go! I had a HOT rubber nurses outfit that was made especially for me, back from a shoot I had with TelevisionX. They kindly gave me the outfit to keep so good thing I put it to good use! Tallulah got a full examination which ended up be completely hilarious!! Me trying to catch her piss in a jar and it going absolutely EVERYWHERE hahahaha! All over John’s studio, bless him mopping it all up hee hee!! We did 4 different scenes that day. One was meant to be Tallulah spanking me, but she just completely went into her own little world and started swollowing my spit LOL FILTHY SLUT!!! I cannot wait for John to sort out all the editing, they are such great scenes!

Naughty nurses!

John... smiling before he had to clean up our mess!

I’ve been spoilt with girls this week as I got to shoot with follow ‘phat’ ass Lucy Devine :-) I had to get a pic with our butts together and I’m sure you can understand why?!? My favourite scene with her was our hot oiled up arses rubbing together. Oil going all over the place it was brilliant. Bashing together in tiny little thongs! Look forward to that update boys!!

Watch out for our "Bum Bouncing" update!

I found out it was one of the Studio 66 girlies birthdays and I wasn’t going to miss out on a night out on the town so I headed up to Funky Budda! Damn I didn’t realise these girls are just as filthy (maybe filthier) than porn girls!!!! We all got completely shit faced, snogging eachother, strip teasing eachother. I had my face buried in one of the girls arses, another one of the girls offered me her boyfriend then I ended up having a threeway snog with them both. It was MENTAL!!!!! Oh and we met Chris Eubank whilst we were in Mayfair bar….what a perv and of course we loved it LOL he asked us to dinner, but we had girls & drinks waiting at Funky Budda!!!

Round 1, Ding Ding!

Grabbing boobs... I fucking love it!

Things got out of hand very quickly!

It's good practise!

The party never stops!


I’ve finally finished my calender and thought I’d take a pic of myself before the shoot…it’s also the same shoot I used for the front cover of my site…what do you guys thinks??? It’s a bit different to before but I thought I’d mix it up a bit for you all :-) Also I was bust shooting a new intro for the front page to jazz things up a bit… so lots happening I cannot wait for you guys to see everything ekkkkkkkk!

Trying to look cute for my calender, what do you think?

I’ve been a bit poorly this week with some sort of dreadful bug that seems to have had everyone suffering at some point this month…luckily I was looked after and kept in bed for the day. Now all recovered, it’s back on webcam and more shooting for meeeeeee :-)

An angel with a halo!

(2months until Xmas!!!) YAY ;-)

Barcelona & more webcam!

Hey everyone,

As always I’ve been a busy girl, shooting and getting general shiz done! As I’m sure you’ve heard on twitter about the latest outbreak of STI’s I’ve decided to do the sensible thing for my health and safety and for the others around me…and stop shooting for a while. Until everyone as cleaned up their acts I’m not putting myself at risk. Which means I didn’t get the chance to shoot my anal scene with Brazzers :-( That along with eveything else will be on hold for a while…So it’s lucky you have to keep yourselves going for a while ;-)

It was so hot out there...

... So naturally our clothes didn't stay on too long!

I managed to shoot some hot solo content for my site over in Barcelona! Studio66 took myself and a handful of other naughty studio girlies for a 2day hardcore work trip. Getting myself oiled up, food play, bath wank are just a few of the filthy scenes you will find on my site within the next year :-) Of course I took every chance I could to sunbathe and walk around our beautiful Spainish villa…completely naked! For some bizarre reason everyone was really shocked…have the crew/girls never met me before?!?! lol The villa cook and cleaners didn’t mind though haha ;-P One of the girlies that joined us on our little Spainish adventure was Abbie Kimberley (before you ask, she doesn’t do porn..sorry boys!), she has the biggest tits I have ever seen and I naturally spent most of the trip fondling them again and again hahaha! She didn’t mind… infact we have arranged to meet up outside of work for shopping and lunch (girl crap) yay!

The girls on tour!

Just look at those puppies! Nom nom nom.

I want to thank all my lovely fans for treating me SO much this month! I have had a brand new pair of Ugg boots and Hunter wellies bought for me!! I’m so grateful, thank you boys!

My uggs!

You really know how to make a girl feel special!

Looking cute? I think so! mwah :-x

Television X decided to have a get together for all the naughty industry peeps but I was unable to go due to other work commitments but I wanted to show you the cool invite that they sent out to everyone! It’s meeeee :-)

I told you that I liked to party! Woo hoo

Oh and before I go I wanted to tell you guys that I have joined a new camming site (well, new to me) called My Free Cams. I’m just waiting for the confirmation to come through and I will start camming from there, aswell as adultwork ASAP :-D

Talk soon… Paige xXx