Drinks, Food and Foursomes!

Hey everyone,

Firstly my calendar is out… YAY! The boxes arrived last week and have been going like hot cakes! I’m so glad you guys like it, I really wanted to do my own calendar and regardless of the sleepless nights I’ve had over it it’s finally done :-)

Finally, my calendar has arrived!

That wasn’t the only thing that turned up in the post last week! I was completely spoilt again via my amazon wishlist. One of my fans wanted to get my xmas presents to me early before the post starts going silly (as it always does around xmas time). A Dulco Gusto coffee machine with about hundred boxes of different types of coffee, That will explain why I’ve slept so badly this past week… AND a tight fitting gold Celeboutique dress. Even presents for my little niece! I’m a very lucky girl, MWAH xx

I like.... Gooooooooold!

Even more so (oh my poor postman… he he), I decided to book myself a weeks worth of healthy eating with Soulmate Food. They prepare all your food for you and all you have to do is stick it in the microwave, all healthy and a good balanced diet. It’s been so nice not having to think about cooking or going food shopping for a whole week. If anyone is interested, they are on twitter.

Yummy Soulmate Food!

I decided to take this week off of webcam and enjoy spending time with friends/family etc and look what happened… I end up on a mad one with my girlies from Studio 66 AGAIN! Us girls together are bad news and a bad influence on each other hee hee! We went to this random bar in Ascot (the only bar in bloody Ascot) and were enjoying the locals take on shot drinking, one, then another, then another ERGH!! Alot more shots later and a huge kebab, we ended back and Sam Tye’s place, gossiping until the early hours…good times. Love those girls. I’ve been so lucky to make some great friends at Studio 66 and I’m not surprised when I’m doing 3 nights a week at the moment! It’s completely messed up my sleeping pattern. Now I’m just NOT sleeping… AT ALL. I’m writting this blog after being up since 4pm yesterday afternoon :-S

Peace signs up!

One drink, Two drinks, Three drinks..... Floor!

I thought to myself it’s about time I got pampered and this week I’ve had a full manicure, pedicure (that’s hands and feet to you guys) and some new eyelash extenstions… LOVE ‘EM! Teeth whitening today aswell so yay!

A girl loves to be pampered!

Check out today’s update…it has to be one of my favourite scenes on the site so far… 4 bodies all over each other, sex everywhere! Here is myself, Alyssa Divine, Kane Turna and Paul Walker after our hour long fuck fest!! Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did making it, you’ll get to see it on Thursday the 22nd! I’ve got Kane booked in for another session of hot fuckery with me next week for my site too #goodtimes.

We look good now, but we looked so much better... naked!

MWAH xxx

Hospitals, Rollercoasters and my new CALENDAR!

Hey everyone,

It’s been such a mad week that I thought I’d do another blog asap before I forget myself!

It started off quite badly….I was at Studio 66 on my break, snacking on some NUTS when I had a terrible allergic reaction to them! Chest pains, swollen tongue, the lot! The crew called me an ambulance whilst I was panicing like a right old tart! I was taken to hospital and put on an ECG to check my heart. All was fine which is great news. It was quite scary, but I’m fine now. No more nuts for me… LOL. Everyone seems to think it’s hilarious given my chosen occupation, I’ve had all the bloody jokes!

No more nuts for me... well, no more peanuts anyway!

I went to see Nicki Minaj in concert on Tuesday night at the o2 arena. I hate to say it and any Nicki fans are going to hate me, but it was shit. All the money she earns and all she had was 5 backing dancers. She came out in a rocket and that was about it. Just her running around the stage! Not impressed, I left after an hour. The entertainment for me, was the boy sat across from us who looked around 10 years old, knowing all the words…singing ‘..I’ll stick ma dick in ya face…’ priceless!

Well, at least the arena was impressive!

Myself and a few of the other Studio 66 sluts decided Thorpe Park would be a good idea for Halloween so we headed there for the evening. We got there around 3pm, left at 9pm and managed 3 RIDES! Can you believe it?!? It cost £40 to get in aswell. I sound like a right tight arse (which I do have!) But all that time! We spent most of the time queuing and taking silly pictures like this one of me and one of the other girls ‘holding’ up an ambulance LOL. It was good fun though and great to catch up. Love the friends I have made at studio 66 such a bunch of good eggs there! xx

All that going to the gym has paid off!

I’ve been spoilt again this week with a gorgeous pair of heels, from a photographer that just came over to meet me and wanted to treat me! Bless him! Also some dresses off of my wishlist that will definitely be used throughout the party season!

Thank you so much, I love these heels!

So exciting news… Firstly my new scene for Reality Kings is out. I got some big hungarian cock and there was plenty of big phat arse action which I know you’ll love!! I had to add some pics to the blog as I’m so happy with them. My favourite being the guy no more than 2 inches from my pussy, within smelling/tasting distance… hee hee…

Feeling so gorgeous in these leggings.

Oh I know what he's thinking... "Lucky me indeed!"

Secondly, but most importantly, my 2013 CALENDER is now for sale! Here’s the preview that I only managed to take on my phone. It’s signed from yours truly!

Finally, my calender. I'm so fucking excited!

What month is your favourite?

It’s available to pre-order via paypal. It’s £12.99 plus £3.50 for UK and £6 for over seas delivery. You can make payable to warringtonminge@hotmail.com via paypal OR you can buy off of my Adultwork profile which is a little more expensive as they take 30% but it’s still pretty wicked! Any questions please don’t hesitate to email/tweet me.

Here are a couple of pics in the purple undies that I had taken at Studio 66 but will be available on my site very soon :-)

Feeling good in purple.

Feeling seductive, as always!

Mwah xxx