Paige Turnah becomes an actual Page Turner!

Hey everyone,

Wow three weeks into the new year and I’ve been busy causing all sorts of trouble. From drunken nights out snogging girls to kiss and tells on the front page of news papers. I know how to kick of 2013 in style lol.

Cutting down on the drinking and going out didn’t last, infact it didn’t even start! I found myself out on another drunken night on the town with some of my girlies….ended up snogging some female stripper who kept inviting me over to her table for drinks. Very kind of her, both the snogging and drinks…

I kissed a girl and I liked it!

This month has been great for getting back into the shooting porno routine. Harmony had me up in Guildford for a couple of days shooting for their next couple of movies.

Day 1 was shooting my fellow slut and buddy outside of work Samantha Bentley and Dirty Dog aka Ian Tate. Myself and Ian got to dominate the fuck out of Sam, making her take all sorts of sexual organs in her mouth and other naughty places. To finish I had her gaging on his cock before he spunked all over her naughty face. Bad girl.

More tongue action!

The dirty dog!

Day 2 I got alot more cock, so I was a happy girl! Greedily hogging Marc Rose and Kane Turner all to myself and I the pair of them all day sharing me, whilst tied up in a gorgeous pink corset and fuck me heels. I was absolutely knackered after all that and Sam had to dash off to the States to pick up her AVN award for best g/g sex scene!!!! Congrats to her MWAH XXX Unfortunately I didn’t win Best foreign Female…always next year.

I love to be shared...

Instead I found myself on the front page of The Sun newspaper this morning for doing a naughty sextape with my ex boyfriend Kieran Hayler who is now married to Katie Price aka Jordon. It’s not everyday you see yourself spread across a newspaper! Myself and Kieran shot the tape around 6 months ago. Unfortunately he didn’t quite live up to my expectations, in OR out of the bedroom so I finished the relationship back in October 2012. Anywho onwards and upwards…

Who would have thought it, in The Sun!

Naughty boy! Hee hee

Your not famous until you've made a sex tape.... apparently ;-)

The weather has been fantastic the past few days. I love a bit of snow and I for one will not be one of those people that hides away from it and stays in their PJ’s…I was out and about doing all my shopping! It was brilliant!! The only person in Currys, I was served within seconds. Parking right outside the shop, not having to worry about parking, other customers, waiting in queues…..I wish it was snow more often!!!

Winter wonderland... I love the snow!

You guys really to spoil me, so a big thank you to all my fans that have been via my amazonwishlist lately. Helping me to get all my household bit and pieces. Buying your own place is stressful enough, I never even thought about the amount of crap I needed to buy to fill the place up!! ERGH!

You boys really spoil me, thank you so much!

Mwah to you all xxxxx

Festive Celebrations!

Hey everyone,


I started off the New Year celebrations about 2weeks ago when I decided I was going to go a bit mad before the year ended with partying, clubbing, drinking and general naughtiness! What a fantastic idea that was hee hee. The problem is when I have a few to drink the really naughty Paige comes out as you can see from the dodgy snog photo taken on Xmas eve! I’m not the kinda girl to kiss to show affection in public, I think it’s cheap and tacky. But a few drinks and just LOOK!! Oh well that was last year, this is 2013 now :-)

I don't need no bloody mistletoe to get a snog!

New year resolution- stop smoking (I’m not even a smoker, just social!) eat better, gym a bit more and all that boring stuff…oh and HAVE MORE DIRTY SEXUAL EXPERIENCES!!

I had a lovely Xmas, drinking and eating way too much then celebrating with the Studio66 crew and the gorgeous Dionne Daniels as we had both agreed to work Xmas day. I came into work with some bucks fizz for everyone an got all dressed up in red kiss my ass mas panties hahaha! Bless my best bum chum Lara Latex who sent me some gorgeous xmas flowers, whilst she suns herself up in Thailand over the xmas and new year period!!!

Thanks, you naughty little minx!

New year I decided to wear the tightest gold had nothing to do with the winter wonderland theme that the club had going, but it went down a treat never the less.

The golden girls never looked this hot!

Which one did you want for Xmas?

So tomorrow I’m shooting for Babestation Extreme with the gorgeous (fellow tall girl) Lexi Lou yippeeeeeeee first pussy of 2013. It’s going to be fetish and filthy. Pics of course to follow on twitter @paige_turnah   Also check out my new video blogs coming up from the end of decemeber and see what I’ve been REALLY getting up to!! ;-)

Rocking my duck face and looking sexy!

Mwah xx