Going more hardcore… My 2nd anal scene!

Hey everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while. Along with work being pretty manic, my iphone hasn’t been uploading pics to my pc so I haven’t been able to get the pics for my blog, anyway drama over!

Past couple of weeks have been fantastic work wise. Firstly I was in The Sport newspaper back on Feb 6th. They did an article on me being the ex girlfriend of KP’s new hubby…what do you think? I thought it was pretty cool. I had no idea they were even doing a story. My friend text me to tell me! Cheeky!

I love plenty of inches.. especially column inches!

I decided to celebrate Valentines day in style by getting a new stud over for the day (Luke Hotrod) and have him shag me into a state of romance phahahahah! I hope you enjoyed that update? I like his penis…a lot ;-)

Mr. Hotrod!

Valentines needs a bit of red lingerie!

So leading up to my birthday weekend this week I thought I’d get practising and go drinking with friends as a nice little warm up.. oh dear, you guys are going to think I’m an alcoholic! I’m really not, I just getting into the moment and enjoy myself. Work hard, play harder! I never in a million years thought my big arse would get lifted of the ground but my friend Mickey took up the challenge and swept me off my feet. Awww bless him. Here’s the drunken pic and evidence! I really cannot wait for this weekend. Dollhouse have been kind enough to get a table full of drinks ready for me and my bumchums so watch out people!

I loved getting picked up by black studs!

I had an amazing ‘Foxtoon’ drawn up for me as a little birthday treat to myself. The woman who does them is called Victoria Foxtoon you can get her on facebook. I’m going to hang mine up in my new place as soon as I move in (this week)!!!!! Sorry this blog is a bit all over the place today. I’m too excited guys! I’ve just bought my first place, so I’ll be flying the nest as soon as contracts are exchanged (hopefully today). The past few weeks have been manic buying everything for my new place. My room looks like a moving bomb has hit it. It’s full of plates, bedding, kitchen stuff blah blah! But you guys don’t want to hear this boring real life crap…you want to know about the ANAL!

This toon is foxy!

I shot my second ANAL scene for Brazzers with stud Marc Rose on Friday. I was so nervous thinking my little butt hole would open up again for big cock. Well what do you know, it slid in like a hot knife through butter mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I gaped, fucked and came all over his big 10inch dong and needless to say my butt got a good seeing to. I’m not sure when the scene will be out, but knowing Brazzers I’m pretty sure they are going to want it out asap so keep an eye out. I knew you guys wouldn’t be able to wait that long, so here’s a pic taken seconds after he finished off dripping into my intestines. ergh hehehe!

How's that for an action shot? I fucking loved it!

Lastly I’ve been shooting like mad for my beloved site. Plenty of new people coming up on here including new studs and some of my best bumchums in industry :-)

This is going to be fun!

Food and sex, does it get any better?

Catch you guys next week mwah x x x x

Working HARD and seeing it pay off!

Hey everyone,

It’s been all work AND play for the past 2 weeks with my diary filling up super quick. I’ve really enjoyed getting up every morning before 9am knowing what it feels like to be stuck in rush hour lol! I’m totally serious though! I love getting up early knowing I’ve got a busy day ahead shooting. It normally means I’m getting shagged and/or I’m guna be hanging out with some wicked people from this industry doing some sort of work.

So I’ve rammed in loads of content shooting for the site, with 3sums 4sums and hot girls…all for your (and mine) enjoyment! This week saw me shooting my first onesie porno hee hee. Shooting with Kane Turner and Bonnie Rose. We decided to have a sleepover with Kane in his onesie. Then decided that sex on film was a must! So we stuck the tripod by the bed and got it on :-) Bonnie (fellow huge ass girl) and myself shot together earlier that day and hot seriously horny with her spitting in my mouth and going crazy, it was a good day.

This sleepover get real sexy real quick!

Later on that week I had the gorgeous Summer Rose and her husband Marc come over to shoot with me. I was talking to Kane on the phone and dropped in that I was shooting with the two of them..after our hot shoot earlier that week and already sharing me with Marc for our Harmony shoot the week before, Kane couldn’t resist round 3. So all four of us starting shagging all over the stairs, on webcam on eachothers phones! It was a mad day with Kane constantly sticking his cock in my ear LOL!!

Who ordered the Cock In The Ear? Oh... Me!

I don’t know how my pussy survived that and then an early start the next day driving 3 hours away to a Castle near Newcastle for my boy/girl shoot for Joybear!?!?! My stud for the day was Demeteri XXX, him and myself have never worked together…that’s if having sex in a swingers club together doesn’t count?? So we were both really looking forward to finally getting it on on camera! I shot my ‘pretty girls’ first infront of a gorgeous big fireplace, which I managed to get a snap of :-)

In front of the fireplace, warming myself up!

Whilst all this was going on I had called out the RAC as my run flat tyre had taken as much as it could and had gone completely flat! I was doing like 90mph the whole way to location and the RAC guy pointed out I was lucky to have not crashed as he could fit his hand into the hole in my tyre!!! I had to pop out with my stockings and suspenders underneath my see through leggings to give him the keys to sort out my Winston!! Anyway after that mad start everything else ran smoothly. I had a brand new tyre, the shoot ran ahead of schedule and Winston (my car) even made his first appearance in a porno as I drove him up to the gates of the catsle we were shooting in!! Demeteri was a pleasure to shoot with and I cannot wait for ‘The Pearl Necklace’ (the name of this Joybear movie) to come out..

Looking good for the camera

Also this week Transia had me back to shoot for them again. I absolutely LOVE shooting for these guys!! They are so kind hearted and generous and always get me in with my fav girlies to shoot. So if you haven’t eard of Transia they are a website that cater to men that enjoy dressing as woman, so a group of us girls get guys and dress them up, make fun of them and teach them ‘how to be women’. I shot for them loads now and always get to work with my bestie Lara Latex!! This week it was the pair of us plus Holly Kiss and Sapphore Blue who are both my my website and great girls! We had such a laugh dressing as doctors/nurses and pertending to give this guy big fake tits!! Hehe!! If you know anyone that’s into dressing or you just fancy seeing what I’ve been up to then go and checkout out their website!

Would you trust these Doctors? I wouldn't!

My last shoot of the week was with the gorgeous Welsh (fellow PAWG) Jaye Rose, only 22years old with big natural tits and a huge arse like me…what a lovely girl, kind fun and horny!! We got it on with a big black strapon, there was oil all over the place and our big juicy arses bouncing off of eachother. The update of us is up this week so check out out!!

Just look at our arses, you know you want it...

Lastly I want to say a few massive thank yous to Vaper Shisha and Young & Loaded for my free sample products. I hate smoking but when I’m drunk I normally have a cheeky one some Shisha gave me a free sample and young & loaded sorted me out with one of their cool T-shirts, they are both on twitter so check them out!

Liking my cool new t shirt.

Also a huge thank you to Mayfair magazine who I’m shooting with next week. They did a really cool piece on me in their magazine this week..check out out!

Thank you Mayfair!

Open me up and read my interview!

And finally the shoot I shot for Digital playground back in Dec 2011 is now out!! I shot it with Manuel Ferrara (total stud and most girls wet dream) he was fucking amazing!! Here’s the link to the trailer..


Feeling so glamourous

That's how I love to get fucked, nice and hard from behind!

That’s enough for now I’m going to enjoy the rest of my day off :-) xxx