Blondes Have More Fun?

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while so I do apologise! I’ve been busy shooting, drinking and perfecting my ass table trick!!

Now this is what I call table service!

Firstly, I want do do a massive shout out to one of my fans who decided to set up a fan page on twitter for me. He tweets all my lastest updates and info on what I’m up to which is pretty handy, so give him a follow guys :-)

I've got the best fans in the world!

My fans really are so amazing…another thank you for being spoilt. I had a gorgeous Ralph Lauren POLO towel sent to the Studio66 studios. I love it :-)

I'm so spoiled... I love it! xxxx

There’s been a few changes lately…firstly I’ve gone blonde! I duno whether blondes really do have more fun or whether I’ve just used that as an excuse to be a bit more crazy?! I’m definitely feeling the lighter locks. I’ve been using my ass as a table, going out with my girls getting crazy drunk and dancing like a mad woman. All signs that blonde is definitely my naughtier side!

Goling blonde and loving my goldy locks!

Winston got taken in for a service last week so I had this gorgeous white beast for the whole day. I was cruising around like a pimp hahaha! Then I got it into my head that I wanted a new car…oh dear what am I like?! Unfortunately I had to give the beast back….

I want, I want, I WANT! xxx

The last few weeks have been shooting madness (as always). I shot my 5th movie for JoyBear with Kane Turner. We played Mr & Mrs Turner/Turnah and got very passionate, making some sweet sweet love. We started getting a little too cosy in our his & hers dressing gowns awwwwwww! As soon as the movie comes out I’ll let you guys know. I also shot with Jest West for my website. Although we’ve worked together before so many times, we’ve only just got together for content. We also have another shoot next week with fellow slut Tiffany Naylor AND Jess and myself decided we will be in need of some cock with THIS much pussy about! So Kane has been invited along to abuse us naughty girls…roll on next week! You lucky guys get to watch it all when it goes live on my website by the end of next month Woohoo!!

Dressed like nerds in our matching dressing gowns! hee hee

Even more shooting went down in Wales! Studio66 rented out a massive mansion with 36achers of land. It was amazing. Beautiful big indoor pool, woods to run around in….brilliant for shooting. So I shot a load of solo videos for you naughty boys and….wait for it….I shot Sammi Tye’s first kiss scene!!! She’s never played with girls as she only does solo so we were so excited!! We snogged like mad in the indoor pool AND I got to play with Leigh Darby again!! So you guys have plenty to look forward too!! I even shot a photo set in my onesie (the highlight of the week for me)…I cannot wait to see how it all looks.

So much shooting, so much fun!

Time for a little bit of tongue action!

This week I’m shooting for Loaded’s BabeTwist, more horny content of my site and holiday shopping with Lara Latex ready for our holiday to Morrocco next month ekkkkkkkkk! It’s been almost a year since I had a holiday so I’m definitely excited!!

A drink that I just love! hee hee

Mwah x x x

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