Shopping, Shooting and Shagging!

Hey everyone,
I’m sorry it’s been a little while, I’ve been rushed off my feet with work! Not that I’m complaining, I love to be kept busy.

So I’ve been shooting loads for the site. Group sex seem to be the theme of late. Shooting hot stuff with Kane Turner, Tiff Naylor & Jess West. We’ve covered everything from workout sex to school detentions hee hee..

Shooting and partying!

I also shot with some new faces, which I know you guys are guna love. One guy I had in a gimp mask, whilst tied up and shagged to within an inch of his life. Obviously I had to share the cock #sharingiscaring I’m looking forward to all these naughty scenes coming out so I can find out what you guys think?!

Big news peeps…Apart from going blonde (which you probably already know from seeing me on the channels)….My BRAND NEW ANAL scene is out for Brazzers. If you haven’t already seen it..go and checkout it out. It looks hot as hell. I actually cannot believe how much I’m loving anal LOL.

New Brazzers shoot out coming soon!

Aswell as having shot for my site quite a lot this month I’ve been working for quite a few companies. Some I’ve shot before and some brand new to me which is always fun! New crew, new scenes….Transia called me up last week and said they had this great scene they wanted myself and good friend Sapphire Blue to do with them.. I played the white witch who turned my male colleague into a woman (as I was a lesbian). Sapphire played the man turned into a woman. It was such good fun!

Come on, take us both!

I also shot for Shiny videos for the first time with bum chum Sammi Tye. They had us in all these cool and very tight swimming customs. We shot a couple of the videos together and ended up having a little incident which I caught on my phone, so check out my latest vid blogs for that! I’ll definitely be shooting for them again and really cannot wait!

Just one of my cute swimming costumes!

Babestation was also on my hit list this week. It was meant to be a hot girl on girl scene, but knowing what a lot of girls in this industry are like, I wasn’t surprised when it ended up just being me (the other girl just didn’t turn up). It actually turned out better! I had such a laugh with the crew and we ended up driving about in the photographers car whilst I flirted with the camera hee hee! What am I like?!?! I’m pretty sure that will be on their website soon so check it out :-)

Now this is a drive by that everyone would love to see!

It’s been ages since I got together with a photographer and just went mad with ideas, but that’s exactly what I did when I got together with Trevor Watson, who is one of Harmony’s top directors and also an amazingly creative photographer. Here’s one of the shots I managed to get off of his camera before I left. I’m so happy with the results, that I’ve used one of our images on my connect page as the photo banner..what do you think??

What do you think of this cheeky shot?

Yesterday I spent the day at this gorgeous mansion where they hold ‘secret swinger parties’, shooting for Dorcel (shot by Kendo) I was SO happy, I’ve wanted to shoot for Dorcel for so long and finally got my chance. I’d still love to shoot with them over in France, but for now I’m happy :-) I played the house keeper and love interest to the Master of the house (played by Pascal White), who hated his wife (Franki) and wanted to be with me. It was just a massive bunch of horny misfits who were all having affairs with eachother (which is normally what a porno is all about). It was great fun to shoot and I cannot wait to see the final finished piece, as Kendo is such a talented producer!

Me and Pascal looking so serious!

I'm the lady of this manor!

Finally after all that hard work I’m off to Morocco with best bum chum Lara Latex, so of course we had to spend a whole day and a lot of money getting ourselves ready for our holiday. It’s definitely much needed after the past year without one! I treated myself to this gorgeous bag…which I totally blame Lara for. She always makes me spend my money :-P Also this hot dress, that had nothing to do with our holiday but look at it! How could I not???

I'm busting out of this and I feel fucking sexy!

I just love treating myself hee hee!

Also a massive thank you to @alphaschedule on twitter who kindly sent me this wicked snapback cap!!! Love it! Check them out peeps!

Loving my new snapback!

Right I’m off to go and play on cam..
Byeeeeee x x x