A Girl Needs A Holiday!

Hey everyone,

After a busy couple of weeks shooting I couldn’t wait to get my arse over to Marrakech with my bum chum, Lara Latex..

Firstly I want to tell you about my shoots of course! Shooting for Babestation a few weeks back was so much fun! It was meant to be a girl/girl shoot, but the girls in this industry being as reliable as they can be….it ended up being a solo shoot. Which actually turned out to be more fun! I did a few solo clips then we decided to get a bit more daring haha! Check out the photos, you’ll just have to wait for the video release to see what really went on!

The studio boys taking the piss... as usual!

Gotta love the guys at Studio66..they certainly work hard as you can see. Never a dull moment in the Studio haha

Getting naughty in the car!

A week of sunshine and good food was definitely what the doctor ordered. So I headed off with Lara for a week of Marrakech. After expecting amazing heat, we were a little miffed when we awoke to over cast, cloudy skies!!! Thank god the sun started to show through around 1pm. It was like that all week, so we decided to actually get out there and really see Marrakech.

Finally on holiday!

Me and Lara.. oh, and teddy!

We started off by visiting an old style Hammam. It’s a way for women to socialise with eachother whilst cleaning. Like the Westerners use spas. I tell you what, this was better than any spa I’ve even been to. The women stripped us to our knickers. Took us through to this beautiful old marble steam room where they filled up buckets of water, threw them over us (!!!) washed our hair, massaged us… I felt so clean afterwards…amazing!! We also did a 4×4 trip across the Atlas mountains, visited the big market. It was such a cool place. We sat up in one of the restaurants that looked over the market, drinking mint tea. Next thing we know this guy sitting next to us askes for our photo and says he’s a massive fan of Lara’s haha! We literally cannot go anywhere!!

The Hamman

Youre never too far from a Tesco's apparently!

Just trying to look the part! ;-)

We went to this beautiful Taste of Raid night. It included a six course meal, music and belly dancing which everyone got up to try out. Lara reckons it’s my next calling lol and of course we had to do some camel riding. Funniest thing…as we were riding them, one of the women’s phone rang, ‘…hello, I can’t talk right out, I’m on a camel!!…’ haha!

I was born to ride...

I've got the moves like Jagger!

Now back home and straight back into the manic work load. But I can’t complain, I love turning you bad boys on!! I shot my 4th anal scene for Brazzers this week and will be shooting MY FIRST DP at the beginning of June..exclusive to Brazzers!! Very exciting times and you are the FIRST to know ;-)

mwah xx