Busy With Cock And Pussy!

Hey everyone,

Wow it’s been a busy few weeks!

I’ve completed all my anal scenes for Brazzers now! I’ve been lucky enough to shoot with some of the best cocks in the biz! My third and final was with Jay Snake (one of my personal favs). We were taken to a gorgeous apartment in London where the owner kindly let us shoot in the most amazing wet room I’ve ever seen!! It was all going on, we did foot wanks, anal, cunt fucking mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! I don’t know when the scenes will be out as they’re being edited. As soon as I kow, you’ll know :-) My dear friend Sam Tye congratulated me on my anal trio with these badges LOL bless her, she knows me too well!!! We decided to go and celebrate my anal victory with COCKtails at this wicked little place near Studio66. We had the most amazing martinis and ended up being late and slightly drunk for work! Ending up with us goofing around with orange peel in our mouths…silly billys!

With Jay Snake in the wet room!

We're silly girls when we've had a few...

Do you think these are subtle enough?

I’ve been totally spoilt with pussy lately. Working with some sexy bitches for my site! I had Samantha Bentley shoot with me last weekend. We did a naughty little easter update, with my favourite toy, THE back massager!!! It’s fucking amazing an had myself and Sam dribbling all over the place!! I also got to enjoy her marvellous bush, very retro!

Gorgeous, isn't she?

Feeling like a 70's pornstar!

I did my first ever shoot in my new apartment and my first ever MILF shoot with the gorgeous Leigh Darby! We met eachother on studio66 a few months back and decided it would just be wrong NOT to make out with eachother…plus with both of us coming in at 5ft11 that’s a whole load of woman for you guys to deal with!! Speaking of MILFS, I got to flirt outrageously with the gorgeous Tanya Tate whilst at Studio66 last week mmmmm love this lady!

With the luscious Leigh Darby

So I’m guna be honest with you guys…a little cosmetic pampering has been going on. I decided my lips needed a llittle plumping…check it out, no trout pout just hot red pouty lips. What do you guys think? I do believe natural is sexy, but I also think that if your not happy with something why not improve?

Just put your lips together and blow...

Wet drinks and wetter lips!

So what better way to finish off all the birthday celebrations that have been going on this month with a massive party! Drinks flowing, music pumping and great company!! Needless to say myself and all the gang got very drunk over the weekend celebrating my little sisters 22nd! Woohoo!!

Let's get this party started!

I’ve booked myself a few nights away at the gorgeous Champneys Spa. I cannot wait to detox and refresh, definitely needed after the past 9months of nonstop work, stress and manic mayhem whaaaaaaaa!

Talk soon guys and girls! Mwaaaaah xxx

It’s my party and I’ll get drunk If I want too!

Hey everyone,

Wow it’s been a seriously busy week!! Moving house, party weekend and getting older!!

I got the keys to my brand new place on Friday so I found myself running round like a blue arse fly sorting out the beginning of a manic weekend. The night before I went for dinner and drinks with my girl Sam Bentley before our shift at Studio 66…I decided to treat myself after getting all bruised from my anal scene for brazzers (check out my bruised boobie!!) We had the most amazing Vanilla and lemon martinis I’ve ever had!! Needless to say one wasn’t enough! We got into work feeling slightly tispy and naughty after having the cold air hit us. Definitely a great way to start the night..


Always time for a Martini...

After I had my shift I got a couple of hours sleep and was up again packing ready for the big move. Taking up the whole of the lounge with boxes full of clothes and general crap. Sammi Tye (fellow Studio 66 slut) very kindly offered her services and brought over a van to help me move! We did our white van man impressions for the day. Total independent women, moving all of my cabinets with our butt cracks out, buying real men Yorkie bars and drinking coffee in the van.We were both absolutely knackered but the end of it! No rest for the wicked though!

Just look at all my stuff! Way too much packing...

Just look at the crack on that beauty!

I was kicking off the birthday celebrations with a night out. Just a small group of my girls and I headed out for some drinks and a boogie. The club kindly had a bottle of champagne waiting on chill for us and the dance floor full of people getting down with their bad selves.

Poppin' bottles!

The calm before the storm!

Saturday night was the big one! Dollhouse had sorted me out with a table at their club in London and I’d arranged for myself and 30 friends to go up there for the night to celebrate me turning 25!!! Taxi were a bloody nightmare. We had 4 groups in different cabs and with my luck, mine was the last to arrive at the club 90mins late! Everyone was waiting for me in the freezing cold ERGH! Luckily the drinks started flowing as soon as we got in and everyone got into the party modd ASAP….I got all over excited and started making out with everyone, which nobody complained about!

Now this is one sexy looking team!

I get a bit kissy when I'm tipsy...

You know what I'm like when I see a pole!

Smoochie smoochie!

Waking up the next morning after only 2hours sleep, I had all the deliveries for my new place to sit in and wait for. So I decided to crack open the champagne and celebrate being a home owner WOOP WOOP!!!

Time to pop those corks!

So this week I’m going to catch up on work after taking last week off and finish off getting settled into the new pad…Next on the agenda HOUSE WARMING PARTY! ;-)

Talk to you soon! xxXxx

Going more hardcore… My 2nd anal scene!

Hey everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while. Along with work being pretty manic, my iphone hasn’t been uploading pics to my pc so I haven’t been able to get the pics for my blog, anyway drama over!

Past couple of weeks have been fantastic work wise. Firstly I was in The Sport newspaper back on Feb 6th. They did an article on me being the ex girlfriend of KP’s new hubby…what do you think? I thought it was pretty cool. I had no idea they were even doing a story. My friend text me to tell me! Cheeky!

I love plenty of inches.. especially column inches!

I decided to celebrate Valentines day in style by getting a new stud over for the day (Luke Hotrod) and have him shag me into a state of romance phahahahah! I hope you enjoyed that update? I like his penis…a lot ;-)

Mr. Hotrod!

Valentines needs a bit of red lingerie!

So leading up to my birthday weekend this week I thought I’d get practising and go drinking with friends as a nice little warm up.. oh dear, you guys are going to think I’m an alcoholic! I’m really not, I just getting into the moment and enjoy myself. Work hard, play harder! I never in a million years thought my big arse would get lifted of the ground but my friend Mickey took up the challenge and swept me off my feet. Awww bless him. Here’s the drunken pic and evidence! I really cannot wait for this weekend. Dollhouse have been kind enough to get a table full of drinks ready for me and my bumchums so watch out people!

I loved getting picked up by black studs!

I had an amazing ‘Foxtoon’ drawn up for me as a little birthday treat to myself. The woman who does them is called Victoria Foxtoon you can get her on facebook. I’m going to hang mine up in my new place as soon as I move in (this week)!!!!! Sorry this blog is a bit all over the place today. I’m too excited guys! I’ve just bought my first place, so I’ll be flying the nest as soon as contracts are exchanged (hopefully today). The past few weeks have been manic buying everything for my new place. My room looks like a moving bomb has hit it. It’s full of plates, bedding, kitchen stuff blah blah! But you guys don’t want to hear this boring real life crap…you want to know about the ANAL!

This toon is foxy!

I shot my second ANAL scene for Brazzers with stud Marc Rose on Friday. I was so nervous thinking my little butt hole would open up again for big cock. Well what do you know, it slid in like a hot knife through butter mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I gaped, fucked and came all over his big 10inch dong and needless to say my butt got a good seeing to. I’m not sure when the scene will be out, but knowing Brazzers I’m pretty sure they are going to want it out asap so keep an eye out. I knew you guys wouldn’t be able to wait that long, so here’s a pic taken seconds after he finished off dripping into my intestines. ergh hehehe!

How's that for an action shot? I fucking loved it!

Lastly I’ve been shooting like mad for my beloved site. Plenty of new people coming up on here including new studs and some of my best bumchums in industry :-)

This is going to be fun!

Food and sex, does it get any better?

Catch you guys next week mwah x x x x